Nexus Legal Nurse Consulting provides you with the medical expertise needed to analyze and explain complex medical information in legal cases. I can offer you advice regarding medical merit and provide a professional expert opinion in a wide variety of claims.

    Services available:

  • Review, analyze and summarize medical records
  • Develop chronologies and time lines - with analytical comments if needed
  • Organize medical record
  • Medical merit review of a claim or case
  • Interview medical staff involved in case
  • Identify and recruit additional expert witnesses as needed
  • Research medical facts, policy & procedures
  • Identify and explain standards of care
  • Research evidence based practice
  • Supply medical illustrations
  • Define medical terminology
  • Review medical billing for accuracy
  • Consult on case strategy
  • Assist with deposition or interrogatory questions
  • Testify as an expert witness at trials, depositions, hearings and arbitration
  • Provide expert witness report for use at trial